Strong is not tough!

Strong is resilient, empowering, and bold in stepping up for change.

Strong is not numb!

Strong is Sensitive and willing to feel with others and offer love.

Strong is not hard!

Strong is gentle, embracing the pain and suffering of others and holding healing space generously.

Strong is not blind!

Strong Sees with the Heart and opens toward the need of others.

To be truly Strong takes courage, and is a courage that surpasses all understanding that is mrouted in FAITH. To be truly strong needs a foundation of sincere wisdom built through your journey with yourself and others.

To be truly strong you must know yourself and like who “YOURSELF IS!”

To be truly strong You must TRUST yourself, reflect that TRUST into the world, through actions that build trust, where you are.

To Be Strong is to

Say No!

Because you mean it.

Say Yes!

Because you mean it.

And follow through either way!

With honour!

Know “Thy Self!”

A gift of Life

4 You



Not a taker…

Each brand new day

A Re Birth

With the sun

A whisper of WILL

breathed into you

When it all


You are here

To Be

To Do

Yet it is all

Not about YOU

The picture is bigger

We are smaller

Than the ever after…

Night time falls

Upon our day

Once upon a time

Filled with play!

Adult Hood

Did that demise


On the Rise

Rent to pay

Children to feed

Strength I ask

Courage I plead!

Deep down

I know

Life is meant

To mean more!


is not

Available in

A store

The MORE we long for

is what fills the heart

and it is from there

that we everyday

Make a Brand New


Without a Heart

Open and free

Like Branches of a tree

To give and receive love…

Abundant From Thee

Fulfilled we will never be.

Our fruits will be bitter

Our searches will find litter

Driven by our distorted Will

We will be stuck we will be still

Do life God’s Way

With His Presence each Day

God’s WILL Be Done…

Peace will Reign

Gods forgiveness leaves NO Steins

Woman’s day….

The wonder

Of “A Woman’s”

Wisdom so true

Her Big heart

Is buoyant

With Love

For you…

Her Man

Her child

Her friend

It’s true…

Life with out Woman

The world…

Would surely

Be more blue…

There IS light



Bless you!
Celebrate LIFE…

Because you breath…

Because you eat…

Because you work…

Because You sleep…

Because you communicate…

Because you relate!

Then embrace the ripple effects

Of your simple success

Be grateful for the things you have achieved

By being the BEST you can

In each moment.

This is the simple

This is The honest recipe

For a magnet for more,

For all “THAT MATTERS”….

“simple reasons to be grateful”…


Push repeat ……………..

Every single time

You have a thought

That is NOT that! 🌻

God bless!

A Diary

I gave to Mum

Not much inside

But there was some…

Not a lot of joy

Lines of confusion and doubt

About her worth

About being loved…

And often left out.

My name did not appear at all

I must embrace

My heart was sore…

A question that popped

Out loud in my heart


And now I also doubt…

Why was I left out?

She mention 2 son’s

And One daughter.

That do not lecture


Was I the lecturer…

That she feels didn’t

Love and accept her???

I feel in limbo

Between love and doubt

But love is stronger

I am going to leave

Doubt out…

My Mum is an angel…

She always did her best.

I know my desire

To make people feel better

Can often seem

Like a lecture OBSESSED

Maybe I DID not give her

A chance


My need to fix her

Smothered the love…



I learn from this truth

Revealed to me

That I too can help

By just being the love…

In silence and sincerity

You can hold someone dear

And just in that


Things can become clear…

Forgive me Mummy

For being too much

Please when we meet again

When I too come “above”…

Put your arms around me

And can we share unconditional

A Family – Tree

When I was born

My family was already torn


And in the dark

My mother betrayed

My brothers estranged

Competitive already

Masculinity unsteady

My sister not ready

To share my space


My sister so sweet

Was planned to be


Nearly Given away

Like a stray

My Mum

Bless her heart

Broke the silence

Held on tight

With her loving


Loud heart

My sister came home

And guilt moved in too

And my room

No longer had a view…

We were girls




Women in our house

Were denied

The privilege of kind

Labeled as bad

We were girls

How sad…

My Dad

He did love me

This was true

As much as his dysfunctional heart

Was able to

You see

He had learnt

Just like me

That loving ain’t


Being loved

Even the thought


So from that fear of never

Being enough

He lived an external

Life so tough

Sex and ladies

Kids outside

Of us

This broke my Mother

In half


She stayed


Committed to being

A Mother So true

A wife brave

And believing

We all will get through

You see My Dad

He obvious never knew

Bless his heart

He was enough

Instead he

So sold his soul

In to

Lust and certainly

Not love

That was true

all he experienced

Was never ever enough

So he just


The disgust…

This was the genieology

That intoxicated

My ecology

And driving me


Into repeatedly

Denying ME



Beautifully worthy

Of that God promise…


At the end of it all

I grew up

Decided to walk

Not to crawl

I stood up

I chose to be counted



My parents

And got reacquainted

With Me

With God

With the blessings

Promised me

From above…

I chose to believe

I am worthy of


In that choice

I am content with

My God…

I have beautiful children

All are grown up

All are great

Thank you

Heaven above…

And to start over again

Is never too late

You see

Your true home is not here

And this time lived is short

If you focus on treasures

On earth

You will always feel


Never enough will repeat in you life

It will be filled with struggle

And strife…

Focus on building

Your treasures with God

Through living the fruits

Of receiving His Love






As great as them all




All branches of ME…

Reach up high

Look up above…

This is where

Lives the ultimate


Lynda  May 2016

Remember Me…

Remember Me

My Mother dear

When I was there

So briefly

It was so warm

And felt so right

Until that sad

And fateful night

You lay in your bed

Filled with fear

And dread

And decided

You cannot


I know it was

Your head

And not your heart

That forced us to never meet

To be apart

My heart stopped

And my tears flowed

Impossible for me…

you- my heart break

To show

I tried to call

Deep inside you

You did not hear me

The Special sacred space

God’s growing place

For the Souls he creates

But I no longer felt safe

The Dr said

I am not human


And my heart is not beating

When I heard

My heart raced with dread

I wish you had felt it


I died inside

I bled

My tiny body

Discarded unknown…

He lied to you

It has been proved

The moment Daddy’s sperm

Met Mummy’s egg

In a miracle flash of life

In the form of light

Was meant

To be…alive!

God especially

created me You see

To grow

Be born

And my love to spread


My life is not to BE


You did not want me…

My home now Mum

Is in the sky

Way way way up high

God is with me

He is so kind

And His peaceful Mother

Now Mother of mine

I have watched you for 29 years

Struggle with guilt

Hard on yourself

No self love

Allowing disrespect

Accepting second best

Stop it now Mum

Step up

Be big

Let yourself live…

Forgive yourself now Mum

I am in a beautiful place

From the time my life died

I was in the light

In an instant the pain was no more

My body feeling gone

But my soul still strong

Up here I sore…

And I am loved

Thank you Mum

For that dedication

You did for me and my brother

So sweet

God was listening

He saw your heart

Broken and sad

All Fallen apart

He forgives you Ma

Believe in Him

Receive His grace

And heal your heart

Begin again

Let yourself love

And be loved

That is God’s plan for you

He holds you with

So so dear

And is very grateful

Your are home

And He is in your heart

Let Him help you

Make a new start …

Each day

The sun comes your way

Go out and help

All those

Who are scared like you


Lost and lied to

Alone and low

Teach them the truth

Through “Our Father’s Eyes”…

The truth that sets you free

Mum will one special day

When your time is ready

Bring you home to me.

I love you Mum

Enjoy Mother’s Day

Think of me…

I always will …

I am sorry my son.

Lynda – Mother’s Day 2016
I feel ashamed to be human...

The darkest red fills my head

Through the black of shame flows a pain

So deep and so haunting

The future looks daunting

Shattered life

By human hand

Blind to love

No values to stand

Respect forgotten

Compassion denied

I feel I would rather hide

How does one take the step

To be in this world

Yet not part of the dread

Of human connection

That is mostly dead

When you witness the destruction

The bloodshed

The death

Of beautiful life

At the hands of the darkness

Of the human


Cold as ice

Interested only in price

Money and things

Trophy and winnings

At the cost of anything

Even themselves

Sadly so much else lost

Well before they personal-ise

Their own demise

I fall on my knees

GOD, I ask you

With all of me


Give me the strength


To open my heart

To be in the world

Yet not of the dark…

Offer your guidance

At my every step

May I clean up

May I clear my regret

May I give you my shame

Being human

The pain!

The disdain…

I am human

I can chose light

I will not fight

I will stand up and be bright

The life I so value

The beauty you create

Every moment we are blessed

When we walk through the gate

Into the garden you offer each day

Of bright smiles and gentleness

The winding journeys

That have no darkness

And the love everywhere

That still lives in all ways

We must turn our eyes

Be willing to see it through

When we focus on you

Aware of the darkness

Yet only YOU are true.

Believe in Me, I hear you say…

I will always stay close

I will help you not stray

I WILL help you through

You will conquer the darkness

That the world is

However always keep Me in your sight

I am the way…the truth and the light

(Through me you will gain

Authentic sight)

Keep your eyes on me

Your heart will learn to see

Blessed with a spirit of discernment

Another gift from Me

You will begin to see

With eyes and heart


Part the dark


Leaves dancing in the breeze


Will mend your sure ness


Will lift up your face


My Girl – With Me…

With Only Me…

Lynda  – 6th May 2016
My darling Mum…

A prayer for you…

Dear God up above…

Embrace my Mum with-in your unconditional love…

She left us on the 5th of April 2013

Offering us no “goodbye”…

And so so often I cry…

Yes there is a lot of regret…

I wish I had done so much more


I know I did and was all I could possibly BE


Realising NOW, through you…

I am more…I have more to give…

And have more to BE…

Please dear God

My Saviour above…

Forgive me for not knowing better then…

and thank you for Your Love.

I do know better NOW…

Because of You … and Through your Love.

May I take the valuable experiences of my life…

The loss the love and the strife…

May I learn from my experiences…

And through You my Loving God

Change myself all the time…

To meet with Your Beauty Divine…

And Give Give Give…

Till You draw “my line”…

I give my Mum up into Your Loving arms…


Knowing Your precious Mother…

Our Mary “full of grace”…

Is beside her, with you and tenderly

Holding my darling Mother’s

Beautiful face…

Forgive her transgressions,

Her weaknesses and her falls.

I know she knew that there was always a

Meaningful cause…

Free her beautiful soul to sing

May she spread her angel wings

Wide and Brave…

May she never seek any shade…

Shine my Mother

Shine and be free

Open your beautiful heart

God has set you free…


The glorious songs of love so loud

To Her God, Father Son & Holy Spirit

So Supreme…up above

Let it Resound…

I love you for eternity.



So it is Christmas…

Another year over…

A new one to begin…

So Merry Christmas

Look back at what you have done

Did you make a difference

For someone…

The poor and the lonely

The weak and the sick…

Did you show love

or did you just live…

The true meaning of


is to GIVE…

Give of yourself

not things and stuff…

the deep humility

that comes from LOVE

Open your arms

and wrap them around

the hurt and the sad ones

there are so many around.

When you are spending your

abundance today…

think of those who have no food

or shelter and stray…

From that place of SEEING

with Gods generous and wise eyes

give meaningfully to those that have none

Do it for God

For He is ultimately


You are giving to…


Show up


Pay attention

Play what you hear

And your music will happen

Prepare and let go

An easy trusting that everything will happen “for you” perfectly…

In this world all is possible

No accidents

Entitlement to humility

It’s a new day…


Authentic self is Soul

Enjoy life

Live in peace


From and by Spirit

With reverence – respect

Sincerity – honesty

Gentleness – kindness

Supportiveness – service

The Sun never says to the earth – You owe me!

Ultimately we are all going

“To get it”…

Jesus says…

If you want to be like Me

Knowing that we are alike…

I will help you

If you want to be different than Me…

I will wait…

Until you change your mind…

And “you will” change your mind…

Get it while you are ALIVE…

Why wait till your are head.

Purpose is found “in service”…

How can I serve?

How can I be more kind?

How can I be more gentle?

How can I be more generous?

How can I be more LOVE


Surrender to that that is bigger than you



You are only one thought away

From changing your life…

a writing “inspired” from Wayne Dyer’s movie “The Shift”…

What do you hear?

Lynda …
Dare to

Not go straight…

Go left

Sometimes right

Do u turns

And take sharp corners

Off your main road…

Of destinations

Cross over caution

To the other side

Jump streams

Row through the Rapids

Climb your mountains

Stand at the top

Shout YES to your life

Feel the sun

Love God

with all your heart

Leap off scary cliffs

Spread your wings


Swim your seas of confusion…

Let go of needing to know


Needing to know why?

Trust living now…

Tomorrow is not

a guarantee …

Don’t flee…


The Gift of Singleness…

How blessed you are

Oh single one…

Don’t talk of care and woes.

You have too much

To be thank full for…

Oh what?

You would like to ask…

There is NO mistake

Or misdirection…

Of God’s perfect plan,

That you have not YET

Found your special lady

Or that “certain” man…

God loves you so much

And So much more to Give You

Beyond what you can believe…


or ready to receive…

His best You see

Is some one Like He…

Do you know who He is

Your Heavenly Father God above?

Do you have it all, do you have it in full?

The relationship of His Will?

Or is it Your Will that you Will…

This alone will not fulfill..

The empty longing of your soul.

You see No earthly man or lady

can meet your needs..

Only the love from your father above

So let your lonely heart

Seek closeness to God instead…

No earthly Bride or Groom

Will change for you

Only God will do

When you focus on

Being complete in God

He Will fill all your spaces

with Himself,

All your needs

heart mind body and soul…

Will be met…

There will be no further need to fret

Focus and put God first everyday

Live to DO His Will…

He has gifted you

In your singleness

With an up distracted view…

Father Son and Holy Spirit

Have your eyes on God

And your feet steadfastly routed

On the ground…

Let there be No Thing that interfere’s

With your time spent with Him…

In his Word or

In your Worship

And the sincere prayer you share

Let down the guard of your heart

Let no other take His place or tare you apart

You will feel the joy peace and hope

You will experience His Grace

So Give you heart fully to God

He will keep it safe

Holding you close in His hands

And only when it is better than His best

He will bring your earthly Bride or Groom to you …

Through Him attract your Best

In Him find your Rest…

Life Coach Lynda

It is Over There

Or over there, or out there or in there?

What does it look like? The beach, the sea, the mountains, in an airplane, in the ocean…?

What does it sound like? Waves crashing on the shore, the wind blowing through the leaves, the bustle of traffic, the sound of conversation… The singing of the birds, or gentle piano…

Are you alone in this “Happy Place” or sharing it with “who”? A lover a friend, a stranger, a dog, a cat …

Where is your “Happy Place” is it out there “somewhere” OR within YOU?

I find myself contemplating this as I sit writing my flow of feeling and thought…

Realizing “beautifully” that my “Happy Place” is right here within me with me… Embracing this offers a peace beyond the mind…a knowing a faith a hope a joy, a FREEDOM…

FOR THIS FIRST TIME “maybe” in my beautiful ” kaleidoscopic” life, I am home, surrendered to my self, and peaceful with that… No expectation, no desire, no company (except my quiet pet family) I am simply being with “the love I am” and keeping sincere company with God My Father who is always with me…

How blessed is this moment… That cannot BE without the unity that is Me and with My Creator!


What a journey, and I have this anticipation rising within me that a new journey has only just begun!

I am ready “My Father” take my hand and walk with me…

Use me in service, for change so deeply needed, here where I am…guide me, show me, hold me as I step up to meet My Journey with you…

My heart burst with so much love, compassion, enthusiasm to do your work, bring people home to you, by taking their hand, because I care, and I want them to know the freedom I have been gifted through my love and relationship with you “My Father God!”

To you be Glory Forever Amen…

Thank you

I have been absent for some time …

Life has been extremely interesting


I have found my way home

To myself…

And my eternal Father God …

Having taken a journey through

Many “other” modalities spiritually

I find myself home with our ONE TRUE GOD…


We all have a choice to “Go home while we are still alive

Still breathing”…

Why wait till our last breath,?

What sense is there in that?

BE alive NOW and live your love and light!

My prayer for you all

Go home to your ONE TRUE GOD,

Our Saviour “Our Lord Jesus Christ”…

Leave everything else behind you and follow Him…

Open your heart to Him…

Invite Him into your life…

I have had a long journey with Christianity and Spirituality…

From the age of 18…

Searching for meaning …

Through marriage and divorce

Separation loss abortion infidelity …

Yet abundance and joy sprinkled through it all

God NEVER leaving me…

I left Him over and over again…

Now mature – single – widen – ALIVE!

I have come home to My One True God…

His Grace is overwhelming

His forgiveness

His embrace…

To learn and grow IN CHRIST to be the SOUL you are here TO BE!

To live fully a purpose rooted in Love, Kindness and by the Grace of God…

There is no time greater than NOW to bring your heart your soul your body your mind…

Home to Christ… our true and only God!

I will meet you there my arms open to embrace you…

I choose!

I choose to

Attach no meaning

To your silence so loud so penetrating…

Believing in the belief I have

Deep in my soul

Of the beautiful kind heart there in you!

I smile a little

I choose to not

Judge the feelings I feel

In the silence you reel at us,

So deeper widening the distance between us,

I trust you to trust yourself with the action you take.

Changes to this I am unable to make.

I feel a lot

I let go of all Expectation

In the Feelingizations that, like movies, play out in the mind of my soul,

Still reaching to ease open your heart toward me

As I make sacred space for the divine gift of our energy

Soul connection so bold

I soulfully smile

I linger longingly

In moments that unfold

Into minutes and hours

For a brief relief in reality

A friendship untold!

Yet “I am” so open to hold

I hold a little

I journey, interested

Becoming more whole

With each day that arrives to greet me

To meet me

Alone yet not sold

Into a place where it is so cold…

I create a heat around my heart

That warms my spaces and I don’t feel apart!

I snuggle a little

Friendship is warm

And love is passionately hot,

Intimacy so sacred so awakened!

Deep entwining of the magic of souls

That choose to unite choose to hold…

Awake to each other allowing more love to unfold!

I open a little more

Minds dance in communication,

Hands touch in exploration,

Mouths taste with intention,

Bodies blend toward Ascension!

Hearts beat with loves connection!

I reach a little

Are we awake, Are we present

Are we are we,Are we at all

Or is it all my beautiful

Imagination… ?

I dream again a little more

Imagination is where we create our state,

From ideas un lived and dreams unshared!

We are here to relate

Where my spirit is filled “My Soul Mate”?

I share a little with you

Love is inspiring there is no room for lingering despair

I prayer today and every day…

I ask to share Beautiful meaningful space with you…

Will this gift to me be given…

Will our hearts repair…

I trust a little more

Concerns and considerations come and they show…

We care how we feel although we don’t really know!

All what is, is NOW our present place to be

Look around and what do we see…

I see Love…

I look a little deeper

All in all … All said and done …

Far better to share than to leave and go,

Meaningful words unshared

Moments and pleasures not done!

I fear a little less

Clear your heart beautiful one

Of ALL conflict and fear.

Allow the odd tear.

Our pain and disappointments are gifts from above

Letting us know we are worthy of love!

I smile a little

Light a new spark!

It is not dark.

Please open your beautiful heart?

Again and again?

Loving is opening to love

May we be intimate again…

I open a little more

I want to do everything and whatever I can

To heal our friendship, Enjoy passion again.

Touch your face and hear your heart …

Loving is such a precious art

I laugh a little…

So I mindfully invest

Valuable Time and space

To heal my place

Choosing to try with all my heart

To be the best me from a wide open healed heart!

Will you be open to me?


12th June 2014
When I say “I Want You”! This is ALL it means “For Me-To You”!

I want (to Know ALL of) You!

I want (to See ALL of) You!

I want (to Be naked skin on skin with) You!

I want (to ly in your arms and listen to) You!

I want (to Play and Laugh with) You!

I want (to show ALL of myself to) You!

I want (to be vulnerable with)You!

I want (Only) You!

I Want (to dance close to) You!

I want (to Never Ever Stop Loving) You!

I want (to sleep next to) You!

I want (to make love with) You!

I want (to feel loved by) You!

I want (to WANT) You!

I want (to be entwined with) You!

I want (to grow older with) You!

I want (to always be excited about) You!

I want (to be Real with) You!

I want (to never ever give up on) You!

I want (to always be interested in) You!

I want (all this) for me too!

With You…

I love you…

I want you…
How often are you aware or become aware or do you not recognise at all that you are not present and that your energy is elsewhere not here … With you?

Over time I have learned to recognise how unpresent I often am…my mind my heart completely in another place and space to where I am… location wise as well as energy wise!

Recognising it is healthy owning it enables us to consciously “practice” changing it by choosing to bring our consciousness back to self. ..

An easy effortless way to do it verbally, in that moment to self! Invite by asking that part of yourself to Come back from there to here where we are, where your present world and space is? Invite yourself back to self like you would invite a dear friend that has been away for a long time! consciously go into your body and feel how you feel, become aware of the seat you are on or the room you are in, notice your surroundings the smells sounds colours people …be in now! Bring your consciousness to your breath, breathe in and trace your breath into your body and out of your body for a few minutes. ..

The key here is personal awareness not judgement not shame not blame. . Pure awareness founded in self love and it’s in the self love that the awareness will blossom, self love is what will feed interest in self, and healthy self investigation of where your energy is invested…it is in the self love and interest that you will attract more empowering opportunities into your space to invest your focus in…

Where intention flows energy goes… when your awareness allows you to recognise that you are elsewhere and the elsewhere is unserving of what you desire for yourself, the quality questions to ask are kind gentle but clear and enquiring of your intention…For example: is it healthy for me, will investing my valuable heart energy there feed my fountain of abundance in all areas of my life? Will sharing myself here ultimately bring to me the quality of love relating and experience I long to experience and fulfil? If the answer from soul self is NO… change your focus, and practice till you are the master of your Own Ness …

Is this focus fed by past pain and loss, unclosed un resolved places inside me, empty of a dream for better healthier more loving more real more who I am NOW? If YES change it, practice techniques over and over till you are the master of your Heart Ness …

We grow we change that is a fact, however how often do we courageously act on our different our new our creative conscious for the purpose of creating and allowing ourselves to actually HAVE something new better healthier more present more loving more available more transparent more abundant more generous more magical!

My gut tells me that more dominant in me in us in the collective conscious is “past pain and projection based on self protection” still more fearful of failure and of success so stuck … We sit on the fence not really wanting to truly pick our side … and lay our NEW foundation labour to brick by brick build our NEW house of love respect honour peace prosperity grace abundance friendships relationships careers adventure freedom. ..LOVE!

Because we will not allow ourselves to believe on it … We continue to evaluate (judge) based on our experiences what other people have experienced and stay stuck in that…collective consciousness of separateness safe secret silence suppressed and stagnant …

What a waste of the courageous creators we are! We are created in God’s image our universal galactic creator … and we limit ourselves so easily …without question of quality in our experiences believing “this is all it is this life we are here to suffer! Why not thrive live breathe love and be free abundant “!

No Way! It IS so so much more… you are so so much more… We are so so much more this amazing life is so so much more … open to the so much more!

When you start with one little step “the Universe honours action” you will not look back toward less you will look forward eagerly to ward more…

It is the quality and the integrity of the MORE that will make the difference everywhere you are… If your more is at the cost of someone else’s energy humanness freedom mental emotional physical state… karma is a bitch!

What you sow you reap! ALWAYS…
Your Body is Your Temple, without your “health body” able to move and respond to life and living, HOW do you LIVE this amazing beautiful life fully passionately, and fulfill your purpose for being here, choosing this “human experience”!

Yes! you chose to BE here, on this planet, there is enough evidence that there is more than this planet that has life on it… you chose this one. And it is magnificent, filled with incredible opportunities to LOVE, and life is about Love…love is the foundation of ALL creation…or the perception we have of what love is…

Unfortunately of fortunately – who is to say – we have coupled ourselves with others, sometimes the opposite sex sometimes the same sex, the basis always an initial attraction, I feel it is a soul recognition, soul attraction, often from a place and space we are not conscious of, from here we respond based on what we have learned being “here”. How people relate, what relating IS, who is or should relate and on what levels, where and how…etc… all very limiting and from conditioning, and mostly NOT helpful for long term meaningful experience that support TRUTH!

This very obvious in HOW few of our “Marriages” last and are healthy…statistic show this beyond doubt and the overwhelming behavior of infidelity and lack of loyalty supports these stats flat out! It is NOT just men doing it either…we all found it so easy to pass the buck, the men are the unfaithful, adulterers… look at it across the board. I feel men and women DO IT for different reasons…however, reasons excuses, blame etc is all just passing the buck and so loudly shows how NO ONE is really prepared to take responsibility to DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to change this reality for THEMSELVES…your reality your life is about you, bring your focus back to you…tidy up in you!

Do you want to live dishonestly, avoiding truth for brief and instant gratification of the illusion of sexual pleasure? How can it be true if it is hidden? Know that every energy shared and with whatever attitude in that moment is what blends with you, and if it is adultery and infidelity that is the energetic baggage that your body will receive and store and know that it takes up to 8 years to release that energy unless conscious processes are entered into for the purpose of “cleaning and clearing your intimate energy of past destructive reception”!

How can anything you are doing that you need to HIDE be serving you to BE ALL YOU ARE, if you are hiding something as meaningful as “sensuality sexuality and “LOVE” what do you truly mean to you…HOW can it be serving your greater purpose…LIVING?

This behavior and this quality of personal intimate choices are a direct reflection of your personal perception and belief system of “relating and its value” and your self value and worth… we are here primarily to relate, it is through relating that we learn our dearest and deepest most meaningful lessons and learning’s, and we are here to LEARN…this is NO holiday! and ALL leanings are about US and are positive and for the purpose of serving “different choices” for future, however are we learning are we making different choices at all???

We wander around unconscious, wasting precious opportunities to BE the amazing powerful creators that WE ARE! Why? Because its easier to be LESS, it is LESS responsibility to be LESS, LESS accountability to be LESS! Bull shit…BE MORE – leave LESS behind! To be less is the hardest struggle of all…to be less sensitive, less human, less caring, less giving, less happy, less loving, less open, less available, less colourful…

How does that FEEL to you when you read that..? filled with living energy…NO!

Risk is part of living, risk the pain the disappointment the whatever… rather DO it, than not, if it runs in your veins if you dream of living it and a longing an inspiration laps at you and if feels authentically part of your learning through living, it is meant to manifest, allow it , let it, be open to it and experience it fully, not half, learn about YOURSELF from it… that is the purpose it comes for…purely!

It is ALL worth it… nothing worth it ever came without a bit of discomfort challenge and pain…and all it is challenging is the “conditioning the belief systems ingrained in your subconscious that is not serving you any longer anyway”, past cannot serve you now, if it is “different, and better” that you long for, past can only serve you if you want to stay the same (as the past) so brave up, dig deep, chin up and face forward…behind you is gone, and didn’t work anyway so why grab guidance from there???

It is only a “moment in time” yet the only moment in time you will ever have, one moment at a time, do these precious moment “consciously creatively committed to purpose”your purpose which is in every moment, it is not our there off yonder dragging you towards it, your purpose IS now in each moment, be in it consciously awake and present! No one else but you can do what you want to do…You are up!

Life Coach Lynda

We have recently “celebrated” my Mum’s life, after she has now been gone physically from us for one year…It seems so “crazy” that it haws already been a year…I remember believing – she would always be here!!!

I often find myself shacking my head in disbelief…wow…my Mum is gone! Although when I say gone, I refer to physically! I feel that she is never gone, always her energy is close, I find her often in my thoughts, and feel her in my heart. I hear her speaking to me, in messages and stories, feedback from my reality.

It has been a valuable experience “loss” loss of my parents, and further to that loss of my family. With the loss of parents, fundamentally the dynamics of the remaining family change quite dramatically. Death brings out a different side to many, all I suppose. The base of all the emotion is fear…finally you are really on your own, well that is the perception, alone meaning, our foundation our parents are no longer in the physical world, here to touch, reach for, turn to, lean on, cry to…and so on!

Death for us is very final, yet an illusion of final, my experience was quite unusual or should I say unexpectedly unusual…I felt devastated yet liberated, coming from my background of energetic expansion and consciousness, and living so from spirit, I flowed into the loss with an open heart and embraced the experience for my greater good and learning. Seeing the whole journey as an opportunity to empower myself through experience for the “Purpose” of being MORE in my work, “my purpose” serving others to walk the journey that may be differently traumatic for them, and unable to find their way “alone” through the change, and to the other side where the healing an peace is…

My Mother is in a beautiful place of peace, tending her garden, and nurturing the needy where she is now… I often receive her messages of guidance, encouragement, confirmation and resonance…as I feel right now as I write this I know and feel her presence…

WE live and we die, in the physical, however we live on beyond the physical…when next you feel alone chose to call upon a non-physical family member or close someone who comes to mind, and put out that intention and I assure you someone meaningful will come to mind, that means they have responded to you calling upon them… trust that, say thank you, feel their encouragement their love, their energy, it is free it is love filled…

I often know spirit is with me as my whole right side of my body starts to tingle and I, get goosebumps, this is my sure sign that I am supported, in my work in my life in my moment that I asked…

try it… NO … DO IT! Trying means you are “thinking about doing it” doing it is DOING IT… just do it… and be interested, because it is interesting… and it is… I will never live less sensitively than I am now I will become more and more sensitive to SPIRIT …it is IN Spirit that the WHOLE OF US resides!

Go there…

Life Coach Lynda

After a while…

After a while you learn

Time teaches that…

There is a subtle yet significant difference between

holding a hand and chaining a soul.

And you learn that love does not mean leaning on someone else

and that company does not mean you are safe and secure.

You begin to learn through kisses and closeness that they aren’t contracts

Nor are presents promises.

You begin to accept your defeats with your head held high preferring you did rather than did not

your eyes open wider with the grace of an adult having loved

not the grief of a young wounded child who did not get…

you learn to build all your roads today as tomorrow is not a guarantee

tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans and meaningless pursuits that rob the present moment -of your NOW power in purpose!

The future has an un-warning way of falling down in mid flight.

After a while you learn that sunshine burns so you wear sunscreen

You learn that too much is an unnecessary greed and addiction ultimately graves…

You choose to plant your own garden and decorate you own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

You learn through your experiences that you truly can embrace anything..

That your strength and your worth are tangible and treasurable

You learn and learn through living your courage…

With every good bye you learn grow and become free to the new

And with every hello you open your heart again and again

Focus on the view from inside you…

Lynda Stanton
As I lay myself to rest…

I reflect! I feel…

So much gratitude so very real

I am so grateful for Life, the breath I breathe the life I lead

I feel gratitude for who I am and who I long to become…

Grateful for my ability to LOVE bravely boldly

My heart wide open

Yearning for learning

My courage for change

Blessed with children



Family lost but myself gained

Love felt… Love lived….Love lost … Love forever

I Love You “always only!”

How radiant the colours of my life

Thank you

For the kaleidoscopic view!

I am mesmerised!
I am your lover, come, be with me.

I will open the gate to your heart your place of true loving.

Come settle your body with mine.

Let us be neighbours to the stars that shine for us.

You have been away so long, endlessly travelling away, away!

Chasing “something” outside of you!

With hope to fill the void that only love can.

Come and drift in the sea of my love.

No matter where you are always connected to me with me.

In love…

Concealed yet revealed in the unknown the not yet manifest!

Love is life itself… We are life, we are love!

We have trapped our love prisoner in a tiny pond…limited by stuff.

Yet it longs to flow in an ocean boundless bountiful baggage free.

Ebbing and flowing with the turbulence the flood!

Panting with desire for quenching in the drought.

Come and merge with me? Leave the world of ignorance and non love…

My love will open your heart to your love…

Be with me…

My Dear Beautiful Lady,

You are priceless.

In our past current culture in the world today, the real value of the feminine has been far undervalued and under-appreciated.

We tend to value things that we can touch, see, or understand with our logical mind.

But the real essence of who you are as woman is beyond form, dancing in the unseen, intangible realms.

The magic of the feminine is your mystery.

As a woman, one of your gifts is your profound intuition. You sense, see, and feel things beyond the physical. You know things way in advance. People may call you crazy, unreasonable, even unrealistic, but know that nothing revolutionary was created by dreaming small and buying into limitations.

We need your feminine gifts now and future on this planet more than ever in human history. We need your vision and your multidimensional sensitivity. And bold courage of expression…

You as a woman have that magical ability to breathe life into something where there was nothing and give it form. Blessed with creation in your farm… Your ability to bring life…

There is a reason that when you love, you light up a room, and move mountains…

There is a reason that when you give yourself to your man and support him with your heart’s devotion, his entire life transforms and even his income increases.

Your value is not in how you look, how much you weigh, how nice your skin is, whether you have no wrinkles or cellulite. Just you being an openhearted, radiant, blessing force of love…you are the gift in itself.

Just you allowing your soul to shine to smile upon all those you come in contact with is grace, with gentle gratitude…and a heart so giving!

So, never sell your heart, body, or soul for love. The love you will get this way isn’t real.

Stay true to who you are and your inner knowing. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give us as men: Your authentic heart’s offering. If you aren’t you because you want us to love you, then we don’t really have YOU anyways.

You being fully self-expressed as the feminine is the gift. Radiate you feminine… Welcome your woman ness…grant us the grace of your truth…

There is nothing you need to DO and nothing you need to prove. I know we live in a culture where doing is worshiped, but know that just your presence is everything.

As a woman, you are a profound alchemical portal of transformation for us men. You are a Universe of infinite wonder where all of life exists.

Do you really know the power you have in the depth of your heart to move universes with simply the blink of an eye or a smile, or a sincere touch of your gentle hand, coated with healing!

Do you really know the power you have to resurrect a life and give hope just with your compassion and care and courage!

Do you really know the power you have to shape the future of humanity with the way you love a child, and this love blossoms by you knowing and loving yourself first as “feminine goddess energy…” That transforms…

Do you really know the power you have to inspire, so much so that a man built the Taj Mahal for his wife, who was dead! You live…

Out of you, we are all birthed. For every human being alive, you were our first home for nine months. Out of you, we were literally formed and came into this world. Without you, we wouldn’t be.

And with you, we are more alive.

With you, I feel like I can touch the skies.

With you, there is nothing I cannot do.

I see you.

I honor you.

I love you.

Love now love forever love for eternity love with no end …

I TRY… Written: 5th May 2013

I try

To reach out to you,

To touch you…

With my thoughts of love…

With my words of love…

With my actions of love…

My hands love to touch you

My heart loves to feel you

My body longs for you…

Here where I am…

Far from where you are!

Are you out of reach now?

My Love…

Too far from Lover now?

Forever gone…

My Person

Out of reach…

My friend

Does your heart no longer long for me?

Do your hands no longer reach for me?

Does your mind no longer dream of me?

Do I no longer have a space or place in you?

The distance between us

further and further we drift away

From each other

Yet you live still here in the heart

I feel forever to stay…

Remembered and loved

Each and every day

New opportunities

Brand new starts…

Will we do new from our heart?

By: Lynda
A welcomed guest…

By Lynda Stanton (6th May 2013)

You are

A welcomed guest

To my mind

Some thoughts harsh

Mostly kind

You are

A welcomed guest

To my heart

Thoughts of kind

Converted to love

Not destined to part

You are

A welcomed guest

To my body

So turned on and true

To be open to receive you

Joined in nakedness

Expanded in the ecstasy

Connection intimate

With you

You are

A welcomed guest

You walk Beside my soul

Individual and whole

Fearless and focused

To fulfill my soul purpose

My journey alone

Clear destination – home

Always to “Thy Self”..

You are

A welcomed guest …

In Love…
Single is not a swear word…
Single is not “alone”!
Single is free and open to focus on knowing who you “really are” and what you “really want” for yourself and life!
Your life is not a dress rehearsal… Every moment a gift not a guarantee… You are a spiritual being having a human experience… You are designed to desire MORE … And from a space of “Single” without the drama of neediness, and free from guilt… You have the space a freedom to … Learn and know “who you are” through RELATING…
We are here in our human experience to relate…we forgot this while NEEDING to be attached and secure… Belonging to “another” rather than to ourselves… Marriage through “legal ness” rather than heart ness, the expected next firm of belonging and safe!
Safe is an illusion outside of yourself… Safe only exists for yourself inside yourself and you knowing self…living from the authentic self…integrity, a key ingredient to living authentically…
Where is our integrity today… Where did integrity go to… In the journey of our evolution? Where did we forget of our “spiritual being” and focus solely on BODY… Yet what s body without soul… Life less… Feeling less…

Reunite with your soul… Re plant your seeds of integrity … Water them with love… Sooth your mind with meditation… Learn who you are!

And then … Attract LOVE from another… Like attracting like… Bring to you company… The spiritual being having a human experience living their authentic self … Cultivate “Partnership with Purpose” go out and be the love that can light up the world…

The world needs love and light…

Be the love Be the light … You seek in another…

Blessings in love and light

Be a space to discover,

experiment and express

who you really are…

A space of “easy”!





Ebb & flow of energy





Never the same


All shades of the rainbow









Your Were created

Your were Born

To fulfill “A purpose”

Not create a storm

How the intention

each Day

To focus of

Living Purpose

and not stray.

The Mind is quick

can make you pick up a stick

instead of smell the flower

and let the sum

shower you with life…

Your purpose

Is not some far off place

it is often

right in front of your


There is NO struggle

when you are \

On purpose

Making your way

through your beautiful day

When there is struggle

and striff

often it is because

you have lost track of

a quality life

Has it become more

about having LOTS

You have forgotten

God’s Will offers

Peace & Prosperity

So cast out the pots

Empty and cold

Everything unused

And Old…

Give it all

away to someone

in need,

God will be pleased with you


This makes room

In you and your home

for Gods Grace and flow

to truly have space

to show…

Always LOOK where

You are going,

Keep your eye on the road

when you stumble & stray


You were not looking


God’s guidance has

Asked you to




Life is Like a ball game…

It WILL throw you quite a few “balls”!!


Some will be very high…JUMP!

Some will be very low…bend…you won”t break!

Some will be curved, reach out as far as you can…

Some will be OH SO HARD…in the stomach…don”t buckle!

When they come for your head…don’t duck them…face them…!!!

Some will be gentle….appreciate them!

Some will have a sneaky spin on them…don’t let them slip!

Do your very best…to CATCH them all!

It takes courage … Be brave! Your life is in each ball…

In each catch of each ball is an opportunity FOR YOU!

To grow greater, to live larger, to love bigger, to dance wilder, to laugh louder and cry MORE too…

Step Back…Don’t react…

Stop and pause…feel your aliveness…notice the “BIG PICTURE”!

Don’t give up, don’t run and hide…open your heart for another ride…!

When you notice the balls are “the same” choose another game…

Do something “different” to get different results…

It is ALL about attitude and it is all about choice…

If it is to be it is up to me…


written by: Lynda Stanton

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