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This Program is an amazing way to support yourself and your HEALTH in today’s crazy lifestyle pace. We often start our days very early, the first hour of our waking day is often spent traveling to where we need to be. when we get there, we are often not able to access “healthy options” for nutrition during the day, and end up living on coffee and carbs…

“Juice 4 Joy” program: This juice & food program is very solid, and supports meaningful lifestyle change, it inclusive a “juice 4 Joy” package 4 You (this means it can be adjusted to suite your unique needs), a variation of juices, Immune Booster, Morning Metaboliser, Beetroot Bomber, Crazy Carrot and Coconut, all available in 300ml & 900ml Glass Bottles, for your home convenience.

Immune Booster – 60ml bottles (2 x 30ml shots) or 300ml bottle (10 x 30ml shots, 5 days worth)

This booster is powerful and you are best off using as directed.

Loaded with ginger; lemon; cayenne; (sometimes pink grapefruit); Aloe Vera; Cinnamon; and then a specially brewed “By Lynda”  Berry Antioxidant Tonic. Take in the morning and in the evening. Or booster your energy by having a shot any time during the day. It is not necessary on an empty stomach, it assists with digestion.

Our Juice 4 Joy Juices are available in 250ml Glass bottles (1-2 portions) or 750ml Glass Bottles (4-6 portions)

Our Morning Metaboliser, is a wonderful wake up for the organs, this is best had on an empty stomach, either as a full portion “breakfast” or a Pre Breakfast Portion. Wait, and eat 10-15 minutes after having you juice.

Ingredients: Small Portion of Pineapple (well below recommended daily allowance, plus this is on the |Banters” Orange List”. The it has a wonderful base of “The Greens”, Cabbage, Cucumber, Celery, fennel, Cos Lettuce, Lemon & Ginger, Green Tea brewed with Turmeric and black pepper (Turmeric is metabolised better when brewed with heat, and black pepper also important to accompany Turmeric for best absorption)

Our Gorgeous Green, Is an Awesome All Day Juice, although if you are wanting to do low-carbs when it counts, this would be great in the evenings, and powerful if you can “Just Do Juice 4 Joy Gorgeous Green”.

Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Cabbage, Celery, Cucumber, Cos Lettuce, Green Beans, Broccoli, Zucchini, Fennel, Ginger, Lemon, 1 Granny Smith Apple per 750ml bottle, Moringa Tea, Moringa Powder, Cayenne pepper, sprinkle of Himalayan salt.


The “During The Day Dip” of energy…perk you up Juice 4 Joy options.

Beetroot Bomber, full of the greatest goodness, V8 Recovery option, for the avid athlete or sports enthusiast, also a powerful pre race or event juice to have, also post race or event jungle juice to have…There is loads of research available online to support the recovery benefits of BEETROOT, Juice 4 Joy have blended beetroot with all the great greens so you are getting a really FIX with this juice…

Crazy Carrot (and Coconut flakes – we can leave this out if you prefer) This is a light and fun juice blend for “pleasure” yet still holds purpose. It has as its base the good necessary greens, Cabbage, celery, cucumber, fennel, cos lettuce, then carrot, a bit of pineapple, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper, Green Rooibos Tea, cinnamon. This is also a choice for your later afternoon energy dip, if you struggle with Beetroot.

Juice 4 Joy is Banting Friendly, and can support those with blood sugar and insulin issues…It also helps with eczema, it cleans the blood so clears the skin… 

To compliment your change with a One on One Life Coaching session, and 1 x full body clinical massage per month, is holistically personally powerful, and Colonics is encouraged (if you are not sure of this please do ask about it). To flushes the Body and assist with elimination is often necessary…The Mind and soul flushing is also necessary.
CHANGE must be maintained, and ultimately become your “New Lifestyle” and Lynda offers a MUST & Maintenance Program, that is a monthly inclusive of all her products and services, this supports “body mind and soul” through a balanced self loving program to avoid consequences of lifestyle pressure that is our reality today…

You are welcome to contact Lynda for more information or to discuss options more suitable for you…



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