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Our products are available @ Jackson’s Real Food Market – Riverside Shopping Center, Bryanston, Johannesburg…We have enjoyed a long and stable relationship with Jackson’s, doing regular tastings at weekends, and we are super excited to be moving across to their NEW amazing Building in Bryanston…Watch That Space…

We are available in Organic Emporium Bryanston Shopping Centre, This store is ON TREND…Stefan The Owner is dynamic and focused on health and fitness…he keeps an interesting range of products of which some are not available everywhere…very worth a visit.

We do a lot of our packages “One on One” with YOU…the client wanting meaningful change in your health and vitality. Please order online with us, we will deliver to your door.

We ALSO pride ourselves on taking care with your very own personal needs, we are not about “1000’s of bottles” we are about One person at a time, One bottle at a time…making a difference for You.

Fresh Raw Seasonal Juice blends, we use Local Organic Farmers Produce in ALL our products. Supporting vibrant nutrition, detox, and RE-SHAPING of YOUR LIFESTYLE, and holistic support with organ rejuvenation!

This has become a very large and viable EASY AND FAST way to “feed yourself the nutrients you need” and change body mind and soul behavior.

Gorgeous blends of juice bottled in hand written “Glass” bottles for your protection as well as the protection of our beautiful planet that it taking such strain…80% Veg 20% Fruit Tea Spices.These juices are for those who know the difference between High Sugar/fruit juices and Low to no.

The bottle size makes it convenient to keep handy in your fridge at home where you can CHOSE to start your day, the Right and Raw way.

Our juice blends are great for 4 – 5 days in a cold stable fridge, 6 days at a push (and I have clients who can vouch for this) however we DO encourage that you consume this within 4-5 days for best results.

Our various blends of delicious juice, are not filled with water or sugars…so they are NOT sweet. We use minimal fruit in our juices specifically to manage low levels of “fructose”, we also use special and specific teas in our juices to support the cleansing process, and this also compliments the stability of the product.

Based on your personal “Lifestyle information” extracted through a screening process (appointment necessary) we will plan a “juice 4 joy and food program” best suitable to you…so that you feel empowered and confident within your personal management of your wellness. change is a long term thing, it is not an overnight-er, be prepared to invest in your life and your health.

Please see brief info below:

Green is great anytime juice.

We do an Stunning “yellow” rise & shine juice “Morning Metaboliser”…

Our Crazy Carrot & Coconut, plus our Beetroot Bomber is great for between 11am-5pm (higher in carbs)

Our “Evening Ease” to promote rest and sleep.

We do an awesome “Immune Booster”… Ginger Plus :))

Then our motion simulator…”Regul8″… Moringa Plus :))

We have ALL you need…


We clearly recommend that ALL our juices are consumed on an empty stomach.

Whole quality foods are expensive, YES! However, you actually consume less “food” when it is quality…not quantity. So commit to consume it correctly so you can benefit fully from your investment.

We suggest drinking a portion of juice, 30 minutes before you want to eat, then check if you really need to eat, and if so eat what really serves the goals you have for you health and wellness…

When consuming “High water dense foods ie: vegetables, you can afford to cut down slightly on the amount of water you consume”, needless to say “our water quality” is so low and questionable, so to spread your hydration needs over whole foods, of high water density, does make lots of sense…

Yes! I notice people devaluing juice, because the fibre, is less than “whole food” but hey…check in with how you feel…that is often your measuring stick for what works for you. Trust yourself, don’t just take anyone”s word for anything…do you own evaluation through experiment…

Take your health seriously…


For more information and to get onto your very own Juicing plan contact Lynda: health@juice4joy.co.za

Cell:  082 498 5478



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