Spring is in the air…And Tuli is here…

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Tour De Tuli 2015 is upon us…and we always get so excited, we are about to “go into the beautiful” bush of Africa, an be amongst some of the nicest people…

Tour De Tuli, is a multi day mountain bike ride through Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Hosted and organised by “Children of the Wilderness”, Wilderness Safari’s…

What a team… What an event…and we feel privileged to be taking very good care of ALL the recovery of the riders daily.

Evolved Mind and Body Worx (Lynda Stanton) takes a team of “QUALIFIED” sports massage therapist with her as well as a Bio Kineticist to attend attentively to the recovery needs each day, post each day of the ride.

The “Ride” is a 4 day, 2 days in Botswana, 2 days is Zimbabwe, and the last bit of the last day is South Africa, “Mupumgubwe National Park, Limpopo”…

The logistics of this amazing event are incredible, however it all works like clock work, Headed by Nicola Harris and her amazing team…this event is prestigious, BUT for charity.

Proceeds go toward eduction in the rural areas, for and our wildlife…teaching the communities to more understand and value our wildlife instead of fear and harm them…along with eduction in general and assisting the communities in many areas of how to live with nature more ecologically….

The team is:

Lynda Stanton – Sports & Clinical Massage, Life Coach, Nutritional Coach.

Lori Evans BIO (Natal)

Chris Chilvers – Sports Massage (Johannesburg)

Fallon Kotze – Sports Massage and Entrepreneur (Johannesburg)

Heidi Renson – Therapeutic & Sports Massage (Johannesburg)

Lynn Stapelton – Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Dog Walker (Johannesburg)

Angelique Coombe-Heath – Sports Massage Therapist, Pilates (Natal)

Meagan Botha – Sports Massage, Sports Science, Trainer (Johannesburg)

Adrianne Lees-Smith – Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and fitness coach(Pretoria)

Tanya Vermeulen – Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and fitness coach (Pretoria)

Leonie Stevens – Sports Massage Therapist, Fitness trainer. (Pretoria)

We look forward to another amazing tour, surrounded by amazing people and beautiful African Bush…

We will post pictures when back…

Oh and the nicest thing is when we get back “Spring is around the corner”…


So be sure to get of your couch, start becoming more active, and be in good shape to enjoy our beautiful African weather…


Lynda Stanton 🙂


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