Tour De Tuli 2015

Lynda and Her Team will be departing for Tour De Tuli on 13th of August to support daily recovery for ALL the riders of this years event…this is the 11th tour, and we feel privileged to once again be the Chosen Team for the tour… it is a great honour.

It is very important to support your recovery with this treatment daily, after your long and very unpredictable day out. Please be sure to book a “Massage spot”, the slots go very quickly. So often we are there and those that have not booked in advance lose out on getting the recovery support. It is of course encouraged that, sports massage be a regular part of your training and preparation for any event you are doing… besides thorough recovery for the active person, this treatment is exceptionally effective for everyone…People suffering with back issues, fatigue, postural issues, headaches, general aches and pains stiffness etc..

This particular tour consists of; Botswana for 2 nights and then cross over boarder to Zimbabwe for 2 nights and then finish in South Africa at Mupangubwe …It can often take the support crew 4 -7 hours to get to the next camp, the terrain is grueling… so imagine the riders!!!

We work VERY hard, each therapist doing 20 treatments per day, short 20 minute, however very effective, and mostly making a BIG difference in how the riders feel the next morning at the start … we thoroughly enjoy working this tour, and look forward to a long relationship with Children of the Wilderness and Tour De Tuli…

The set up and logistics of this tour are immense, and it is delivered with such care for all. We really rough it, in one man tents, outdoor showers and long drop toilets, all to be environmentally friendly, and this ride is for charity, Children in the Wilderness (Wilderness Safari’s)… the focus is on educating the rural people of Botswana and Zimbabwe to live in harmony with our wilderness… nurture and treasure it… as it is their world too…

See you there 🙂

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