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Lymphatic drainage, deep tissue Sports & Clinical Massage – Lynda Stanton – 082 498 5478

I truly believe that everyone should have a healthy relationship with a GREAT and experienced “Sports & Clinical Massage Therapist”, in the interests of avoiding injury, and illness, managing lifestyle stress and toxicity, and to compliment the care you take with your skeletal system (Chiropractor) is imperative. It is NOT a luxury it is a NECESSITY! 

Chiropractics – Simon Lawson – 011 784 0054

I truly believe that everyone should have a healthy relationship with a GREAT Chiropractor, in the interests of avoiding injury, and illness, to take care of your skeletal system (AND YOUR CONNECTIVE TISSUE, MUSCULAR SYSTEM) is imperative. It is NOT a luxury it is a NECESSITY! 

Life Coaching & Counseling – Lynda Stanton – 082 498 5478

What “Coaching IS”…

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A place that is ALL about YOU, a place of reflection, honesty, sincerity. A place to dig deep into ones self and find YOURSELF, your true self, the one created at conception, your blueprint, your purpose, your LIFE.

A Place to explore your current reality, with the purpose of changing it to more empower and enrich thrive – rather than limit and “just survive”.

It is a place to invest yourself in because YOU ARE HERE AND ALIVE TO DO GREAT THINGS!

Utilising conversation, and specific skills and tools to layer by layer peal your protection and reveal your personal power, truth and purpose.

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BloodWorx – Pierre – Sandton City – 076 405 0664 – Nutribalance Centre, Sandton city – 011 884 8753

What is it?

LIVE Blood Cell Analysis involves the examination of a fresh drop of “YOUR” living blood, under a high-power video-microscope that has a closed circuit video system which projects the microscopic image onto a computer screen for simultaneous viewing by both the technician and the client.

Live cell analysis is an excellent way of viewing  by microscope the red blood cells, various types of white blood cells, platelets, and the blood plasma, just as they function in the body.

The Test itself is quite simple. A drop of blood is taken from your finger and placed on a microscope slide for viewing. The image from the slide is transmitted yo a computer monitor so you can observe what the blood cells are revealing. The drop of blood is magnified 1000 times and to the trained examiner many accurate observations can be made.

The presence of: yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria, active somewhere in the body, damaged cells, cholesterol crystals, uric acid crystals and more are easily identified.

The size and shape of the red blood cells indicate nutritional deficiencies, digestive disorders, absorption issues, and the damaging effects of free radicals.

Organ malfunction is also evident in the live blood cell analysis. It allows the direct inspection and interpretation of over fifty possible features of the bloodstream, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

There is a further extension of the session offered within the session, using a full body scan method, this further enlightens technician and client to the reality of “The Body’s current state”.

Please contact Pierre, and let him know where you heard about him. We are working together to contribute toward a healthier empowered and conscious community.

DCP Detox & Cleansing (post screening with Lynda and Juice 4 Joy preparation) – Sabrina – 074 255 7455

Sabrina is a specialist in supporting this severe yet extremely effective range of Detox packages.

On these packages, which have a step1, step 2, step 3 etc…process, you get the opportunity to aggressively drop kilos that are hanging on, and at the same time, clean and restore organ function.

You will get guidance and referral from Lynda, within journey of self cleansing and healing taken with “Evolved Mind and Body Worx”.

Please inquire with Lynda re all the above, call 082 498 5478 or email; lyndastanton@me.com


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