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Lynda is an experienced and well-informed Life Coach, holistic wellness practitioner, Sports & Clinical Massage Therapist, specialising in Body, Mind, and Soul health, balance and wellness from within.

With 15 years of fulfilling experience, Lynda is always willing to explore NEW ways of serving her clients and those who find their way to her who seek “peace, balance, wellness & inner joy”.

Having nurtured many clients holistically to a place of feeling more empowered and “better” about their lives, she continues to offer options of “different choices”.

We all need each other, no one is doing anything to anyone else, we come from a place that has formed us, WE can choose to take that step to be formed NEW… It is up to you!


Life Coach Lynda

Body: Physical health and recovery through “sports massage” full body, deep tissue, a body treatment that mobilises, toxicity, stress and aids muscular skeletal health flexibility and performance.

Mind: Life Coach, a place of meeting your “empowerment” and becoming acquainted. Starting a journey of “accountability”, taking responsibility, adjusting beliefs, behaviors, and learning to make NEW decisions and choices that more reflect your “true self-ness”. We actually mostly do not truly KNOW who we are, we are mostly living from a place of OTHER peoples influence through our lives, as well as significant experiences that were hurtful, painful, disappointing,and we decided in most of those events and experiences to BE LESS, accept less, and FIT IN, instead of RISE UP and be counted. Life Coaching is a space that everyone should have to go to, to hear objective options focused our YOU and Your life and well being.

Soul/Spirit: Christian beliefs and foundation that feeds “supernatural FAITH” which is the foundation of TRUST and living fully from a heart that LOVES authentically, respectfully…BOLDLY! A place to heal, forgive, let go, and MEET GOD…

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Juice4Joy Gorgeous Green

Juice4Joy Gorgeous Green

Gorgeous Green Juice_Juice 4 Joy Juicing lifestyle

Brain Food, Healthy Gut, Regulates digestive system, Supports immune system

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Best consumed in the morning as pre breakfast or breakfast, Wake...

Juice4Joy Liver Lover

Juice4Joy Liver Lover


All the right Greens, plus Tomato, and spices, we encourage...

Juice4Joy Crazy Carrot and Coconut

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Best consumed lunchtime due to higher carb content, Brain Food,...

Juice4Joy Orange Optimist

Juice4Joy Orange Optimist


All the RIGHT greens in this Juice, and then completed...

Juice4Joy Beetroot Bomber

Juice4Joy Beetroot Bomber

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ENERGY BOOM! Get it ALL, High in Nitrates, Great Recovery...

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