Doggies Inc 

Alongside Food4Dogs, we also have an awesome range of funky Pet Parent Paraphernalia T-shirts. Watch this space as there is more to come!

Our product – Food4Dogs – is a wonderful human grade artisanal Dog Food for your favourite furry friend. There is a lot of information available on “ideal dog foods”. In light of this we have realised that the “kibbles” we are currently and predominantly feeding our favourite furry friends just happens to be convenient, however not at all ideal nutritionally.

Dogs are meant to have a balanced diet of REAL food. Human Grade food, and it is ultimately healthy for them to have MEAT.

Although again there is a lot of information out there and some results that support a healthy vegan diet for dogs too.

Real food is the answer, no additives, no preservatives, no stimulates, all the things that we as humans should be avoiding we should be HELPING our furry family to avoid too.

We use natural anti bacterials within the recipe to assist with mouth and gut bacteria, just like we should nee doing for ourselves. Food4Dogs is made of real food, vegetables, and meat.

Human grade care for our animals is what we should be investing in, this WILL save you on Vet visits in the long run.


Food4Dogs currently has 3 food favours:


Food4Dogs – Meaty Treats;

Original flavour

Real Ox Liver, Nutty Wheat and Egg (approved by Veterinarian)

Real Ox Liver with Mint

Real Ox Liver with MSM

To order go to our online shop – also available at Jacksons Real Food Market, Bryanston & Kyalami