Weight Loss

We are all victims of our own neglect!

We find it extremely difficult to stay focused and committed to OUR own needs and health care.

If you know yourself to be “over weight” and it is a life long issue you have had, it is necessary to approach this in a different way, and change deep seated beliefs and behaviors that are driving the repeating of self sabotage and neglect.

This all starts very young in our life and becomes who we are now, or believe we are, and we are not that at all… the ability to “accept” ourselves and LOVE ourselves is not nurtured, rather neglected. You CAN change this, and You need help, and that is OK, we are human we need each other.

Weight loss clinic Sandton area

This journey of discovering yourself is one that 99% of people must take at some stage in their life, and it is one that is urged from deep within, at a time unique to each of us. Some will be young, and some mature or even very elderly. Some it may only happen on the death bed…Will that be YOU?

If you find yourself exploring this topic, it is time for you to take that journey, do not delay, RESPOND now to the nudging and asking of that deep part of you, that intelligence that KNOWS you are ready. Take action, pick up the phone, make the appointment, INVEST yourself in your health.

The seat of ALL self destruction is “addiction”… addictive emotional patterns, thoughts and behaviors that have been established since we were conceived! Our environments, experiences, influences, family, friends, teachers … We decided “stuff” that all brought us to the state we find ourselves in NOW…Will you surrender to what you know, that no longer serves you, or will you SERVE change by taking a NEW direction, YES you will not know much about it, however to learn and change your life is empowering and exciting… DO IT! It can all change, and it takes desire, decision, discipline and commitment to change.

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