Are you in need of HELP?

Please reach out for support and guidence

  • Are you contemplating Suicide?
  • Are you drowning in Depression?
  • Is Anxiety crippling you?
  • Are you overwhelmed with fear and doubt?
  • Are you being Abused, or abusing someone?
  • Are you pregnant and scared, are you contemplating abortion? (PLEASE STOP, AND CALL US)
  • Are you a Parent of a DRUG ADDICT and NEED HELP?

Please Reach out for support and guidance, let us HELP YOU…

God wants us to HELP YOU, If you are unable to pay, just say, we will make a plan 4 you…your life is precious, your are valuable, you are not alone, God Gave You Life, Believe in Your Life and Do Whatever it Takes to “GET BETTER”.

To Take care of yourself is NECESSARY, when you don’t someone else has to end up doing it…when you CAN make choices that compliment your health DO THAT…vitality is your responsibility.
We can HELP YOU…

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