Our Rule if there ever is one – 80% The Right Stuff, 20% The Good Stuff.

Juice 4 Joy was born From Evolved Mind and Body Worx, and many years of sincere involvement in supporting people to FEEL BETTER, Body Mind Soul, Wellness From Within, the most valuable investment you can make is YOUR state of Wellness Within!

Life Coach Lynda (owner of Evolved Mind and Body Worx) developed Juice 4 Joy to support the Wellness From Within Ethos that long term wellness is ALL about, and by which Life Coach Lynda teaches and coaches by when assisting anyone drawn to work with her to enhance their “Quality of Life”, and overcome challenges and changes.

Blessings – Lynda

Life is a series of projects, each with the common goal of enhancing well being. Let Juice 4 Joy be your personal guide to achieving elevated wellness. We work with local, certified organic farms in creating delicious, nutrient dense cold-pressed juices, cleanses and plant based foods, available at Jackson’s Real Food Market, Bryanston and Kyalami. as well as online.  Juice 4 Joy can be delivered directly to your doorstep.

  • We do Wellness Shots
  • We do 11 amazing flavours of Juice4Joy Bottled in Glass
  • We do Juice4Joy Detox and Cleansing Packages
  • We do Soup4Soul Vegan Frozen Soups Bottled in Glass
  • We do Hug4Self Delicious Frozen Desserts Bottled in Glass
  • We do One on One Lifestyle and Nutritional Coaching
  • We do LIFE Consciously with substance practicing gratitude ALWAYS.

The right stuff is not always the EASY stuff, be it the taste, be it hard to do, be it difficult to chose, be it different to your self sabotaging natural self choices, in life, in love and with regards YOU. We have become accustomed to the SWEET, the instant gratification, the false sense of EASY, go with the flow, let the current take me attitude!!! That is the “Good Stuff’”, and the PERCEIVED” GOOD STUFF is causing you to be unwell, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually. Give it some feeling and recognise where you are doing this in your life.

SO! With Juice 4 Joy, and Soup 4 Soul, We embrace the 80-20 Rule, our products are 80% The Right Stuff VEG, and 20% The Good Stuff, Fruit Tea Spices… and sometimes there is NO fruit at all. We bottle all our products in glass, Juice4Joy is in 250ml and 750ml bottles (however we fill these bottles to the brim to keep all oxygen away from product, this helps the integrity of the juice, this then gives an approximate 300ml or 900ml in value, we charge this out at 250ml and 750ml though, the extra is a gift)

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