Juicing Programs

Detox & Cleanse Options

If you are wanting to create change, you are encouraged to commit to the program for 8 weeks, once you have achieved your desired change it is encouraged that you maintain this program as a lifestyle.

Life Coach Lynda will then offer support in getting you independent and operating from your own home, making the right blends of juice and food to sustain a lifestyle that will maintain your achieved change.

Often people struggle to commit to long term programs to achieve change… it is just too difficult for them… so to DO a cleanse once a month can be extremely helpful. This is a wonderful cleanse to do Once a month, it involves 4 days of “Just Juice 4 Joy” juices, boosters and soups. On this cleanse you can drop that 1-3 kilos that have crept on through the month, after a holiday, winter warmer weight, as a result of an emotionally, or mentally stressful time, or regularly to sustain a healthy stable life in general.

Juice 4 Joy Juices last WELL in a cold fridge for 7 days (because of our 80% Veg & 20% Tea, spices, fruit) Once your juices are finished we ask that you stay focused on the “eating guide provided, as closely as possible. If you go off track remember all is not lost. Try again in the morning!

This program is often embraced as a lifestyle with many of my clients, as it is a “lifestyle change” that supports long term change!

For more information and to schedule your lifestyle screening process, please contact: 082 498 5478 or Contact Us


We consume toxins consciously and unconsciously, so to consciously choose to support your body, in its cleansing is empowering…A Monday is a GREAT day to do a “Once a week cleanse”, starting on rising with a specific program for the day, (or knowing your lifestyle, you can commit to one day a week that more suites you and DO IT regularly) this will be shared with you, specifically FOR you, on appointment, and post a lifestyle screening process which is important in establishing your goals, as well as where you have come from and currently are. You will certainly leave this session sincerely well informed.

Juicing can help with the following;

Indigestion, High Cholesterol, IBS, Hyperthyroidism, Arthritis, Constipation & much more

Create your own custom Juicing program to match your exact needs or condition.

What a cluster of colourful Muster…

Intense 6-9 day Detox/cleanse:

The Step one in a line of detoxes to do a deep and healing cleanse of the organs, a bonus is that you will lose weight, initially this will be water (inflammation). This Detox is done after a personal Lifestyle screening and evaluation, and produced specifically with your personal screening results in mind, so as to gain the best results possible FOR YOU… this is a journey and ultimately comprises of a 3-4 step process, which WILL change the way food runs your life.

To book your screening appointment and take this amazing journey into your own personal wellness through personalised detox and cleansing packages, will shift your relationship with yourself and your “self care” Contact Us or Call : 082 498 5478

We offer a weekly delivery of nutritional support to incorporate into your lifestyle, this will cater for you to have a minimum of 4 and maximum of 7 healthy portions of vibrant raw pressed Juice4Joy during your day, before meals (or as a meal), this ensures you receive on an ongoing basis the nutrients necessary to keep illness at bay..and your energy high.

There is a delivery charge.

Your Health takes planning, and health is an acquired taste, convenience supports consistency. Let us DO IT with you?

You are worth it…