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The powerful benefit of working with “Life Coach Lynda” is she is experienced in ALL forms, and is respectfully responsive within opportunities during the life coaching journey, to intuitively know when each area is “ready” and open to be addressed and gently shifted with an individual – for the purpose of “Holistic Success”!

Success is a holistic experience, and when imbalanced emptiness and dissatisfaction erodes at your ability to feel “Happy content and at peace” with yourself and the world around you – your reality! This can be adjusted, long term change can be realised with professional objective support through “Witness and reflection of your personal truth”…

Your Life Coach is YOUR Personal “Attitude Indicator”, Life is ALL about attitude… invest in shifting yours and your reality will shift with you…

To consciously chose to dedicate attention to unpacking and clearing areas in your life that are STOPPING you from GROWING… LIVING…LOVING….SUCCESS…ABUNDANCE…PEACE…HAPPINESS is an empowering choice and action to take…

What is Life Coaching and HOW can it support you?

Personal Life Coaching will support you expanding your world.

Coaching from instinct and intuition, an inner feeling or sense of what is “going on” based on the extraction of information through strategic health questioning and conversation.

Personal Life Coach is someone working “With You the Person”, as opposed to Business coaching for example. Most external success stem from inner success, building an authentic relationship with “True Self”.

You attract who you are, Become the partner that you want to attract, this involves, objective, kind, self-examination, often helpful to do this with “ Your Life Coach” qualified to be discerning and encouraging. Done through a healthy journey of revelation, you find yourself co creating relationship with God at the centre.

Family Dynamics can be extremely challenging, doing life daily, intense and often over whelming, the family loses perspective, blame sets in, children distance themselves and feel like burdens. As a family to STEP Up and be open to council, with God at the Centre, Will Save You, your Marriage, and You children.

Put your hands Back on the steering wheel of your own life. Learn How, Learn How to sustain and maintain, your personal balance, and focus on what truly matters. The Objective space with Your Life Coach, is where you will get to LOOK at belief systems, and conditioning that has “Moulded your reality”, and you WILL SEE your way through and out of the dark into the light.

We often are our own worst enemy, and we base our value on What We look like, our body shape and what others “MAY” think or say. Society pressurises us everywhere to BE what is expected based on fashion, sex and money…This is not true and it is not healthy and we are seeing the consequences of this value system in the breakdown of humanity and respect for each other. Your Life Coach Will assist you to put this all into perspective, realise where is comes from, and often NOT your consciousness, you get to let go, and co create a healthier, more true perspective, with God as Your Guide.

Accountability, Discipline, Focus, Building NEW habits that serve your greater good and goals. To work with Life Coach Lynda through “Your relationship with self and feeding yourself”, is a dynamic journey. You will come out the other side – healthier, more focused, more realistic, more kind with yourself. Happier 😊

Your true Wealth is Your Health…if you neglect your health all wealth does is give you enough money “maybe” to see loads of Dr’s and buy expensive medicines…FOOD IS Medicine…let us teach you that through guidance, support, products and programs. We walk with you gently and sincerely.

A transformation from the inside out…Wellness From within is the authentic investment to make in yourself and your quality of life. When you heal within, your outer reality shifts, and that is the result of Trust Worthy Transformation – Trust starts and ends with you, learn to trust yourself, your quality of life will change.

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